Property is a huge investment whether it’s your first home or a multi-storey commercial building and you get a building inspection done so why not a plumbing inspection?

C2C completes a full inspection of the sewer lines, pressure test water and gas (if applicable), visual checks and inform you on areas that require attention; this may assist in factoring into your budget and/or negotiate if required.

All this is presented in the form of a written report at the completion of the inspection, now that’s peace of mind!

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Why Do You Need Plumbing Inspection?

In addition to buying or selling property, you may want a professional plumbing inspection to identify the early warning signs of plumbing failures and prevent costly services.

Our Home Plumbing Inspection Includes:

  • Fixing of water supply lines and drains
  • Checking water filtration systems
  • Investigating exposed plumbing including traps under the kitchen, laundry room sinks, bathroom, etc.
  • Inspecting shut-off valves and sump pump
  • Inspecting laundry room draining and proper ventilation system
  • Plumbing CCTV camera for the inspection of underground sewer pipes and sanitary drains
  • Checking for any kind of misalignments, cracks, and signs of wear or corrosion that can be the cause of future drain blockage
  • Inspecting the tankless water heater and storage water tank

If our licensed plumber identifies anything that needs immediate attention, we will provide free estimation for the needed repairs.

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